All New All Different Marvel – Week 12

Longtime Marvel fans may have known Hellcat, but how many really knew Patsy Walker, the girl behind the claws? Thanks to Netflix’s Jessica Jones, we all got a reminder. Only the O.G. Human Torch, Namor (R.I.P.), and Captain America have had longer, (relatively) uninterrupted comic book lives in the Marvel U.

yesh, you’re THAT Patsy Walker!

This week’s only ANAD premiere is as much Patsy Walker as it is Hellcat, and it’s another welcome addition to the ever-expanding stable of female superhero books by women creators. It also brings the running total of new titles in Marvel’s relaunch up to an even 50.

All New All Different premieres
Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #1

Continuing and related titles
Amazing Spider-Man #5
Angela, Queen of Hel #3
Astonishing Ant-Man #3
Sam Wilson: Captain America #4
Daredevil #2
Deadpool #4
Extraordinary X-Men #4
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #2
New Avengers #4
Spider-Woman #2
Star-Lord #2
Venom: Space Knight #2

Spider-Woman #2

Weird cover. “Hey guys, superheroes gets pregnants too, and it’s just as hard and crazy at is is for everyday jagoffs. See?” A lot of this book is spent over-explaining that Spider-Woman is pregnant, but the last few panels suggest there’s more to this story than sleepless nights and ice cream cravings. I like the art, I like the Porcupine, and I’ll definitely check out a few more issues before I decide whether or not this book is just an obvious ploy at female readership. – RF

Started off thinking this was going to be a stupid “who’s the father” storyline or, even worse, a series featuring The Porcupine. Then, weird outer space maternity ward and Skrulls. I’ll be back for #2. – MMDG

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