All New All Different Marvel – Week 17

This week’s debut picks up where the Secret Wars miniseries left off, and introduces the Old Man Logan character from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s seminal ’08 arc to the ANAD Marvel Universe.

Writer Jeff Lemire, who also scripts this Logan in the Extraordinary X-Men series, wastes little time: the themes of vengeance and protecting one’s family that were at the heart of the original story tear right through this book, from the opening splash to the final snikt. And Andrea Sorrentino, who was also the artist on the Bendis-penned Old Man Logan miniseries, has a vibrant intensity that is perfectly matched for this kind of storyline. He also gives us one badass full-spread homage.

a nod to Miller’s Dark Knight
a nod to Miller’s Dark Knight

And you know, come to think of it… Old Man Logan does look a lot like DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass…

All New All Different Premieres
Old Man Logan #1

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Carnage #4

I’m shocked how much i liked this one. I was expecting some cartoony, super-villian turned good-guy battling aliens in space – you know kinda like VENOM – but instead I got an intelligently written comic with decent art that made Carnage feel like a real threat. – 3D

A nice idea for a mini series, but I don’t see this being entertaining in the long run. I’ve always been a fan of the Spider-Man symbiotes, but Kasady is too evil to be an enjoyable protagonist, and except for Brock, the cast is pretty uninteresting. – RF

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