All New All Different Marvel – Week 19

It’s another bye week as far as premieres are concerned, but there is no shortage of new All New All Different comics on the shelves of your local comic shop this week.

Highlights include the latest issue of Ewing and Rocafort’s Ultimates, which a number of readers in the Idle Time focus group are calling the best of the Avengers books; two excellent Jeff Lemire-penned comics – All New Hawkeye and Old Man Logan; and, of course, just in time for this weekend’s opening, two titles featuring the polarizing Merc with a Mouth: Deadpool and the pleasantly surprising Spider-Man/Deadpool.

Continuing and related titles
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2
All New X-Men #4
All New Hawkeye #4
All New Wolverine #5
All New All Different Avengers #5
Black Knight #4
Deadpool #7
Guardians of the Galaxy #5
Illuminati #4
Ms. Marvel #4
New Avengers #6
Old Man Logan #2
Red Wolf #3
Silk #4
Spider-Gwen #5
Spider-Man 2099 #6
Spider-Man/Deadpool #2
The Totally Awesome Hulk #3
Ultimates #4
Weirdworld #3

Spider-Man/Deadpool #2

This books gets you your money’s worth of chuckles. I talk a lotta crap about Deadpool, but if his past books are this funny, I’m going to convert. Kelly really gets the fun part of Spider-Man’s personality, and even though Spidey is witty, he makes an excellent straightman for Deadpool. I also really like Ed McGuiness’s golden-age inspired art style, and the close-up expressions on Deadpool are great (although it makes me not understand how his mask works). I thought this book was just a dumb crossover between two popular heroes, and the story started off that way, but there was a pleasant surprise at the end that offers a pretty enticing hook. Slather it up with more boner/poop jokes, and I’m in. – RF

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