All New All Different Marvel – The First Six Months

Free_Comic_Book_Day_Vol_2015_All-New,_All-Different_AvengersLast year, around this time, comic book fans got their first taste of Marvel’s All New All Different Universe with a Free Comic Book Day edition of Mark Waid’s All New All Different Avengers. Was that Miles Morales in the 616? Was Lady Thor sticking around? Sam Wilson is still Captain America?

This teaser was just the tip of the iceberg, however, because over the summer Marvel dropped a few more question-provoking images, promising big changes in the wake of the Secret Wars event. Looked like X-23 would be taking up the Wolverine mantle, but Old Man Logan planned to join the party anyway. Dr. Strange was getting a medieval armament treatment, while Iron Man’s armor looked like 21st century plastic.

one of the two ANAD teaser images
one of the two ANAD teaser images

In a special edition of Previews published in September, Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso prefaced the advance look into the “new landscape of the Marvel universe.”

The next chapter is chock filled with characters, artifacts, and places both familiar and brand-new, just waiting to be discovered… It is my privilege to welcome you to the new Marvel Universe. With each issue #1 offering a clean, accessible entry point into a story we’re so proud to tell, there’s never been a better time to jump in. So jump. – Axel Alonso

On October 7th, the first four of “those accessible entry points” hit the stands.

Naturally, an opportunity presented itself to force more Idlers into reading comics. With a focus group project similar to what we did with DC’s New 52 in 2011, eight of us came together to read all of Marvel’s new ongoing titles that were released in the first six months of the All New All Different relaunch. Sixty-five series in all. Some of us are lifelong Marvel fans, and others have spent most of their funnybook time loyal to DC. Still others have only a passing familiarity with Marvel’s characters, primarily through other media, and haven’t picked up a comic book in years. So, is this the perfect jumping on point that Marvel envisioned? Will existing readers feel shortchanged? Most importantly, will more of my friends start reading comics?!

In the coming weeks, Marvel will be debuting the next wave of its ANAD titles, including highly anticipated series like Black Panther, The Punisher, and The Thunderbolts. But we decided to take advantage of this little All-Star Break and publish our rankings of the first 65. Most of the rankings are based exclusively on the drawing power of that premiere #1 issue. Which ones made us want to keep reading? Which ones did we expect to see canceled before a TPB collection was even solicited? The results were pretty interesting…


Marvel’s All New All Different: Rankings #65 – 51
Marvel’s All New All Different: Rankings #50 – 41
Marvel’s All New All Different: Rankings #40 – 31
Marvel’s All New All Different: Rankings #30 – 21
Marvel’s All New All Different: Rankings #20 – 11
Marvel’s All New All Different: The Top Ten