Electronica Brief – June 2016

The Electronica Brief is a recurring article with electronic music picks by faculty member Vico Vault. The picks don’t have to be new releases, they just have to be worthy of recommendation.

Today’s tags are #melodic #uplifting #instrumental with a little bit of #acid. I’ve compiled a mix of my favorite tracks from each of the picks:


MNLTH - Time

MNLTH – Time

Also check out similar releases from Monolith and Dave Monolith.


pilotredsun - Achievement

pilotredsun – Achievement

Bandcamp success story pilotredsun’s debut LP is FULL of #uplifting #melodic tracks.


Kettel - Wingtip

Kettel – Wingtip

Kettel has been releasing for a while but this is his best work so far. Seamless blend of moving classical and upbeat IDM electronic.


Roy of the Ravers - 2 Late 4 Love

Roy of the Ravers – 2 Late 4 Love

This #acid album has Ceephax as a collaborator and offers up 11-minute feely track Emotinium.


Global Goon - Rivers

Global Goon – Rivers

I’m still making my way through GG’s 45+ song album Activision from last year, so it’s nice to hear a succinct focused EP from him. Rivers is more on the #ambient #uplifting side but there’s plenty of #melodic in there. GG has a habit of removing things from his bandcamp, so maybe grab this one while it’s up.


EOD - Volume 2

EOD – Volume 2

Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are full of #melodic #uplifting tracks, with a heavy dose of #acid.


See you next month.


Vico Vault is an artist and freelance web developer in Pacifica, CA. Some of his recent projects include making a sequencer for minimalist electronic music, coding a web browser that only crawls Tumblr for images, and creating a bookmarklet that scrambles website layouts. He has released over 10 albums of electronic music, and cofounded the netlabel Gridwalk Media.