Electronica Brief – July 2016

The Electronica Brief is a recurring article with electronic music picks by faculty member Vico Vault. The picks don’t have to be new releases, they just have to be worthy of recommendation.

Four Tet - Randoms.jpg

Four Tet – Randoms

Four Tet offers up this “random” collection of tracks that were made as one-offs. For a hodgepodge it’s still a very consistent sound and great working music.

Mr Myoplast - Un Jour Aux Courses.jpg

Mr. Myoplast – Un Jour Aux Courses

Mr. Myoplast’s debut album still holds up a few years down the line. It’s a collection of pure electronics, melodic and minimal at times.

FNFN -fnessnej.jpg

FNFN – Fnessnej

Fnessnej changed their name to FNFN, released this album, then disbanded. Bands with such colorful sound pallets seem to only stick around for an album or two (see also The Unicorns) so we just have to absorb what we can from this streak of lightning.


And how could you not love a band that looks like this?


Code 6 - Forgotten Moments.jpg

Code 6 – Forgotten Moments EP

This 5 track EP is classic house music done right. Off The Hilltop (video below) has a handful of great samples. I’m a big fan of the yodel sample at :45.


Vico Vault is an artist and freelance web developer in Pacifica, CA. Some of his recent projects include making a sequencer for minimalist electronic music, coding a web browser that only crawls Tumblr for images, and creating a bookmarklet that scrambles website layouts. He has released over 10 albums of electronic music, and cofounded the netlabel Gridwalk Media.