Electronica Brief – August 2016

The Electronica Brief is a recurring article with electronic music picks by faculty member Vico Vault. The picks don’t have to be new releases, they just have to be worthy of recommendation.

Miaou Miaou by Aisha Clan Clan

The latest release from our friends at Gridwalk Media. Miaou Miaou is a special mix of delicate samples with medium speed drums programmed throughout. It’s a nostalgic, happy blend that’s truly hard to find in modern electronic music.

Grand Slam by Rolande Garros

18 minutes of funky uplifting melodic techno. Garros makes great use of subtle stereo dynamics which makes the thickness of the hardware instruments really shine. Australian Open from 3:30 onward is just ecstatic.

If you like this, see also: PLW3D by Eliot Lipp.

Zones by Head Technician

Instrumental techno album that smoothly cycles between ambient synth lines and upbeat acid.