2016 Tune Tourney Elite Eight: Chicago

Chicago is the next city up for grabs in our 2016 Tune Tournament. Unlike the previous two cities, Chicago features one underdog and one veteran going head-to-head in a match to decide who moves on to the Final Four.

Edamame defeated Whitney in another upset, whose golden days have run out. Meanwhile, windy city post-rock veterans, Tortoise, have also managed to topple hip-hop up-and-comer Joey Purp in the Sweet Sixteen. Both groups have something to prove, but only one can be victorious.

Who moves on to the Final Four? Cast your votes and spread the word, as this matchup closes on Friday, December 16 at noon.

Matchup: Edamame – “Tree Shadows” vs. Tortoise – “Hot Coffee”

You can still participate in the Elite Eight matchups for San Francisco and London, and coming Thursday, December 15: the E8 Matchup in the Minneapolis Region!