2016 Tune Tourney Elite Eight: Minneapolis

Only one more matchup to go before we can establish our venerated final four for this year’s Tune Tournament. Which of these two ladies will be selected to rise atop her field of 16 and represent the Minneapolis region?

Will it be Caroline Smith, who recently debuted a new single, “Trying Not To Love You,” from a forthcoming album? Although not yet thirty, she’s already a musical veteran, and our pick for her tournament entry, “Magazine,” is one of our favorite tracks off her 2013 LP.

Or will she be upstaged by tenacious newcomer Morly, whose “Plucky,” from this year’s Something More Holy EP, has been stomping the competition, winning each of its first three matchups with at least an 80% share?

Who moves on to the Final Four? Cast your votes and spread the word, as this matchup closes on Saturday, December 17 at noon.

Matchup: Caroline Smith – “Magazine” vs. Morly – “Plucky”

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