2016 Tune Tourney: The Championship

It almost had to come to this. San Francisco vs. Chicago for the Championship, and all associated bragging rights that accompany winning Idle Time’s 2016 Tune Tournament. Not for nothing, but Mark Melancon is a legit closer, and Aroldis is back in New York. This could go either way at this point.

In this corner, 2015 winners The Y Axes, defending their title with “Monsters,” from the recently released Umbra LP. Last year they represented the California region, and this year they proudly champion San Francisco, after a resounding 82% Final Four victory over Morly’s “Plucky,” the Minneapolis representative.

And in the other corner, newcomer Edamame brings “Tree Shadows” to the party, from this year’s Ochre release. Edamame has the honor of representing Chicago, after putting an end to Kero Kero Bonito’s Cinderella season with an 84% victory over the London leaders.

And caught smack in the middle, one of our very own Idlers, lebronald. Born and raised in San Francisco, living in and loving Chicago. What’s it going to be, bro? No one is telling you to make your vote public, but… we’re all pretty curious.

Cast your votes and spread the word, as the Championship matchup closes on Thursday, December 29 at noon. May the best triangular logo win.

Matchup: The Y Axes – “Monsters” vs. Edamame – “Tree Shadows”