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2016 Tune Tourney: The Championship

It almost had to come to this. San Francisco vs. Chicago for the Championship, and all associated bragging rights that accompany winning Idle Time’s 2016 Tune Tournament. Not for nothing, but Mark Melancon is a legit closer, and Aroldis is back in New York. This could go either way at this point.

In this corner, 2015 winners The Y Axes, defending their title with “Monsters,” from the recently released Umbra LP. Last year they represented the California region, and this year they proudly champion San Francisco, after a resounding 82% Final Four victory over Morly’s “Plucky,” the Minneapolis representative.

And in the other corner, newcomer Edamame brings “Tree Shadows” to the party, from this year’s Ochre release. Edamame has the honor of representing Chicago, after putting an end to Kero Kero Bonito’s Cinderella season with an 84% victory over the London leaders.

And caught smack in the middle, one of our very own Idlers, lebronald. Born and raised in San Francisco, living in and loving Chicago. What’s it going to be, bro? No one is telling you to make your vote public, but… we’re all pretty curious.

Cast your votes and spread the word, as the Championship matchup closes on Thursday, December 29 at noon. May the best triangular logo win.

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2016 Tune Tourney Final Four

We’re less than a few weeks from the end of the year, and just days away from crowning the champion of this year’s Tune Tournament.

Idle Time’s faculty populated this year’s field with nominations of favorite tracks, grouped into four regions, each memorializing one of the musical icons who passed away in 2016.


Representing San Francisco, and honoring psychedelic rock pioneer Paul Kantner, The Y Axes soared through every matchup. Last year’s champs now have “Monsters” on the verge of another trip to the finals.

But they face competition from Minneapolis native Morly, who won her Twin Cities region and earns the right to represent the hometown of the legendary Prince. “Plucky” is, and then some, trouncing every opponent thus far with at least an 80% share.

The right side of the bracket is a salute to the underdog. Claiming London, and in tribute to David Bowie, Kero Kero Bonito take their infectious “Graduation” from a 16-seed all the way to the Final Four.

They face another 16-seed from the Chicago region. Edamame honors Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White with “Tree Shadows,” the first instrumental track to earn a trip to an Idle Time tourney Final Four.

Cast your votes and spread the word, as both Final Four matchups close on Friday, December 23 at noon.

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2016 Tune Tourney Elite Eight: San Francisco

And then there were eight.

We’ve entered the fourth round of 2016’s Tune Tournament, which means we’re mere hours away from selecting one song to represent San Francisco, and suit up for some Final Four heroics.

45-elgLast year’s champs The Y Axes, who dominated 2015’s field with “Neon Street,” continue their quest for a repeat with “Monsters,” one of our favorite tracks from their recent Umbra LP. In one of the closest matchups yet, “Monsters” held on against “Harlem” by Cathedrals, claiming the victory with a 60% share. If you’re lucky enough to live in this area, you can show your support in person when the Axes take the stage at Neck of the Woods later this week – Thursday, December 15.

sonny-500x647The band they’re up against might be new to the tournament, but they’re by no means strangers to the San Francisco music scene. Sonny Smith is into his second decade of making music on the Edge of the World, and along with his Sunsets, and the production magic of Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs, recently released Moods Baby Moods. Their tune, “Well But Strangely Hung Man” continues to vex the competition, recently besting Thao & The Get Down Stay Down with a 58% share. Who knows? In addition to celebrating the new year, Smith may be celebrating a Tournament win when the Sunsets perform at Great American Music Hall on Friday, January 6.

Check out the updated tournament bracket here. Who moves on to the Final Four? Cast your votes and spread the word, as this matchup closes on Wednesday, December 14 at noon.

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2016 Tune Tourney Sweet Sixteen: San Francisco

The 2016 Tune Tournament field has narrowed down to the Sweet Sixteen, with just four songs remaining in each region. And because they’re all winners, really, we’ve posted a special edition of our Tunes of the Month show featuring sixteen tracks of heart, hustle, and perseverance. Show ’em all some love. That, and a Gene Hackman speech, might be all these folks need to push ever closer to a championship. You can also click here to see the fully updated bracket.

The reigning champs keep rolling. “Monsters” by the Y Axes edged Xiomara in the round of 32, but they may face their toughest challenge to date in the latest showdown. Fellow San Franciscans Cathedrals have been clobbering the competition: “Harlem” has won its first two matchups with shares of 90% and 88%.

The other faceoff features a couple of Bay Area stalwarts & their Musical Friends. Thao Nguyen and her Get Down Stay Down bring “Nobody Dies” out to rumble against Sonny Smith and his Sunsets, whose “Well But Strangely Hung Man” already has us thinking of clever cupcake decoration. We’re imagining the newsteam melee from Anchorman, but with fewer sportcoats.

Who moves on to the Elite Eight? Cast your votes and spread the word, as these matchups close on Wednesday, December 7 at noon. Continue reading 2016 Tune Tourney Sweet Sixteen: San Francisco

2016 Tune Tourney Round 2: San Francisco

The dust has settled after the first round of Idle Time’s 2016 Tune Tournament, and, while chaos and upsets reigned in other regions, here among the San Francisco sixteen, the higher seed won almost every matchup.

None more dramatically than “Nobody Dies” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, which bested its opponent with a 96% share of the votes. The San Francisco-based band released its latest LP, A Man Alive, this past spring, which has been garnering a host of accolades, filling up various year-end best-of lists (and I can pretty much guarantee one more list appearance before all is said and done). And while “Nobody Dies” moves on to the second round to take on the lone underdog winner, “Santa Monica” by Teens in Trouble, another track from A Man Alive made NPR’s 2016 list of so-far favorite songs. So, yeah, that’s cool too.

Who moves on to the Sweet Sixteen? Cast your votes and spread the word, as these four matchups close on Wednesday, November 30 at noon.

Matchup 1: The Y Axes – “Monsters” vs. Xiomara – “Crystal King”

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2016 Tune Tourney Round 1: San Francisco

This year’s Tune Tournament kicks off in the San Francisco region, hometown to both Idle Time and last year’s champions, The Y Axes. With this week’s release of their new album, Umbra, the Axes are in championship form and primed to defend their crown.

jefferson_airplane_fillmore_poster_1966SF is also home to The Fillmore, the iconic music venue on the corner of Geary and Fillmore that was the epicenter of the Bill Graham-led counterculture revolution. The walls of the upper bar and balcony are covered in gig posters that span genres, styles, and generations. A good number of bands competing in this region have been lucky enough to play on this stage, and for the others, it’s only a matter of time.

Who moves on to the round of 32? Cast your votes and spread the word, as these eight matchups close on Wednesday, November 23 at noon.

Matchup 1: The Y Axes – “Monsters” vs. The Stratford 4 – “Just Sad Really”

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