Behold! Comic Book Trivia Night!

I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled new release post to plug a very special fundraising event for one of our favorite comic shops here in San Francisco. I’ll be hosting a comic book trivia night at Mission: Comics and Art in two weeks, and if you’re in the Bay Area, you are strongly encouraged to swing by.

Admission is free, but the prizes are real. Bring your own beer, and up to three of your friends, because you can assemble in teams of up to four people. Rest assured that even casual comic book fans will be able to bring something to the table (and, of course, hardcore aficionados will be rewarded for their knowledge as well). I’ll have the questions up for general Internet perusal after the event on February 13th.

And if you’re new to Mission Comics, or haven’t been inside a place like this in a long time, take the opportunity to support one of the best things about fandom culture: the local comic book shop. Learn more about this shop specifically, and how you can help keep the lights on, by checking out their Patreon page, and learn how you can become a supporter.

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