Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock

This week’s pick, rocketing to the top of my pull-list, is a book about Adam Warlock featuring art by Mike Allred. That, there, is all I needed to reaffirm (audibly, actually, and with a touch of embarrassment) that Wednesday is the best day of the week. Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Allred and his wife Laura, is the kickoff to the anticipated comic book hype train charging ahead of this summer’s Infinity War blockbuster. As Marvel spring mini-events go (see: RessurXion, Avengers: Standoff, etc.), this is one of the more exciting initiatives.

As we know from recent developments in Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel, the universe re-set that happened in the aftermath of Secret Wars has altered the existence of the Infinity Stones. What hasn’t changed is how much certain folks want to get their hands on them. So as Guardians prepares to give way to the new Infinity Countdown series, this one-shot serves to catch folks up on possibly the most focal character in the Infinity drama, one Adam Warlock.

There is no substitution for delving into the character’s back catalog, from early stories in Fantastic Four and Thor, through Roy Thomas and Gil Kane’s crazy counter-earth Christ allegory, and into the Starlin cosmic renaissance. BUT this book makes a pretty good case to function as a one-and-done primer. Plus, any chance to see Allred illustrate the Marvel pantheon is a can’t-miss. I sorely miss his Silver Surfer.

The “Infinity Circuit”

Beyond the illustrated recap, this issue features another one of Warlock’s signature resurrections, as well as the devious machinations of our favorite time-conquering villain. What role does Kang play in the upcoming Infinity drama? And what the heck is going on with this “Infinity Circuit” business? I’m a thousand times more interested in this than Colossus and Kitty’s wedding of the snoozery. Keep it cosmic, Marvel. And keep it coming.

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