Marvel’s ResurrXion Ranked

Fox’s The Gifted

Despite receiving considerably less fanfare than any of their regularly scheduled publishing initiatives, like All-New All-Different or the forthcoming Legacy, Marvel’s recent refresh on their mutant and Inhuman books has not only shown some sorely needed love to these teams and characters, but produced some wholly entertaining titles as well. The first few months of ResurrXion, rising out of the ashes of Death of X and Inhumans vs. X-Men, has given us thirteen new series or storyline kickoffs.

ABC’s Inhumans

It’s a good time to shine a spotlight on these two venerable Marvel properties. Fox’s X-movies are still popular as hell, with current buzz building for the Deadpool sequel. FX’s Legion series was fantastic, and their network mutant show, The Gifted, looks promising. Marvel Studios has been forcing Inhumanity down our throats for a few years now, but with the highly anticipated debut of ABC’s Inhumans show this fall, the royal family finally takes center stage. Nothing against Daisy Johnson or that creepy porcupine monster that Ruth Negga turned into, but we want to see Black Bolt and Lockjaw!

So in typical Idle Time fashion, we’ve assembled a focus group to read, rank, and rant about all the series debuts in this latest publishing push. It’s a good group too, since many of these Idlers grew up as fans of the 90’s X-Men, and didn’t know what a Karnak was prior to the ANAD series. So do the mutant books measure up to expectations? Do the Inhumans titles effectively introduce these Mighty Marvel creations to an open-minded audience?

Thirteen comics, from worst to first. Let’s take a look!

ResurrXion Ranked: 13 – 6
The Best of ResurrXion: 5 – 1


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