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The Best of DC Rebirth #3: All Star Batman

Hold onto your seats boys and girls, because Scott Snyder is about to put Batman through his paces. So far, Rebirth has been filled with lots of highs (See Trinity) and even more lows (Blue Beetle and Suicide Squad); this book stands with the former much more than the latter. All Star Batman is a journey that departs from the three other simultaneous Batman stories happening in Rebirth, but may actually be the most important going forward due to the potential ramifications.

This is a story of Batman at, arguably, his most heroic. He’s appointed with the task of bringing Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, to justice with the whole world against him. Like really against him, with a threat/wager by Two-Face that he has so much dirt on EVERYONE in Gotham that he’ll release it all if he goes to jail. So he has to deal with the psychological warfare against his friend-turned-villain as well as random villains popping up to take their shot at The Bat. This plot reminds me a lot of the movie The Dark Knight when Joker tries to get the whole city to kill one guy. So while not entirely original, it makes for a great plot point allowing old villains to emerge, not to mention juicy plot twists when we discover that those close to Batman may have secrets they don’t want revealed either. The best thing in this story so far is the subplot of villains trying to one-up each other in all the chaos. At one point Dent is dressed down by the likes of the Penguin for being a second-rate villain, which is great because the villain hierarchy is something that isn’t often addressed, especially not in such an entertaining way.file_000-1 Continue reading The Best of DC Rebirth #3: All Star Batman

New Comics: The Accused

File_001This week’s The Accused fills in the gap between issues 3 and 4 of Civil War II. Specifically, we are in the gallery and behind closed doors for all the conspiratorial intrigue that takes place during Hawkeye’s month-long trial. There’s no drama in the final verdict: that was revealed two weeks ago (Clint walks!) but this one-shot puts a very different spin on the hero vs. hero conflict that is at the center of the Civil War event. By now, in Week 45 of All New All Different Marvel, readers know that Matt Murdock has returned to New York and is once again practicing law. This time, however, he’s sitting at the other table, as one of the prosecuting attorneys tasked with convincing a jury to convict Clint Barton of murder. And sentence him to death.

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