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Hi-Fi Fifteen: This Land Is Your Land

I have been so disheartened by the election results, and even more so every day since January 20th. I do not have the words to adequately articulate these times, so I turn to Idle Time favorite Joe Henry. He writes:

jhI have not read ‘Art Of The Deal,’ but have heard its synopsis by the “author,” and now witness its bizarre theatre enacted on our national stage: make an extravagant push of extremes –while flash pots deploy, distracting your negotiating advisory and leaving them to feel unmoored, hurried and vulnerable; and as the overreach is walked back, your advisory will believe themselves to have made “progress;” and will in the end gratefully settle for far less than they’d have ever first been willing even to imagine.

Is this what is happening to us now?

If so, we are about to learn whether ours truly is a country rooted by a constitution, or ruled by the whims of an autonomous regime, with its own moving agenda to which we are neither privy nor free to challenge –and of which we will never be beneficiaries.

Volatile as are these waters that toss around our little ship of state today, I assume it shall be revealed very soon whether or not our national craft is sustainable. But this much is clear right now: the storm threatening us is man-made, and means indeed to draw us silently under its loud and cold wave. We are at sea and at siege. Continue reading Hi-Fi Fifteen: This Land Is Your Land

Hi-Fi Fifteen: Little Black Book

I’ve been keeping a little black book. It’s filled with ladies’ names, and contact information. The phone numbers – wherever I’ve invented them – are superfluous, but the band or artist responsible, sometimes even the release year, are often indispensable.

dianaFor better or worse, rock and roll has permanently distorted perceptions of a good many women in my life. I’d say one in eight. I used to work with a Diana who was undeniably Dirty. I couldn’t say Caroline’s name without hearing those three trumpet notes in my head. My college chemistry TA, Bonita Somethingorother… I don’t think I ever knew her real last name. I know what I called her. And I know that I muttered “gotta put me on” under my breath while watching the centrifuge buzz around.

Our favorite songs invariably become a part of our lives. When those songs immortalize individuals – whether real or fictional – those people take up residence in our psyche as well. For this month’s Hi-Fi Fifteen, the three of us contributed songs titled after women we’ve never met in real life, but feel an unforgettable connection to regardless.

Continue reading Hi-Fi Fifteen: Little Black Book