Hi-Fi Fifteen: Little Black Book

I’ve been keeping a little black book. It’s filled with ladies’ names, and contact information. The phone numbers – wherever I’ve invented them – are superfluous, but the band or artist responsible, sometimes even the release year, are often indispensable.

dianaFor better or worse, rock and roll has permanently distorted perceptions of a good many women in my life. I’d say one in eight. I used to work with a Diana who was undeniably Dirty. I couldn’t say Caroline’s name without hearing those three trumpet notes in my head. My college chemistry TA, Bonita Somethingorother… I don’t think I ever knew her real last name. I know what I called her. And I know that I muttered “gotta put me on” under my breath while watching the centrifuge buzz around.

Our favorite songs invariably become a part of our lives. When those songs immortalize individuals – whether real or fictional – those people take up residence in our psyche as well. For this month’s Hi-Fi Fifteen, the three of us contributed songs titled after women we’ve never met in real life, but feel an unforgettable connection to regardless.

220px-Gloria_(Them_song)_coverart1. “Gloria” – Them
Released as B-side to “Baby, Please Don’t Go” (1964)

Michelle_-_The_Beatles2. “Michelle” – The Beatles
Released on Rubber Soul (1965)

Unrest_-_Isabel_Bishop3. “Isabel” – Unrest
Released on the Isabel Bishop EP (1993)

220px-Hollies_-_Carrie_Anne_US4. “Carrie Anne” – The Hollies
Released as a single (1967)

emoh5. “Mary” – Lou Barlow
Released on Emoh (2005)

clash6. “Janie Jones” – The Clash
Released on The Clash (1977)

Bruce_springsteen_tracks7. “Cynthia” – Bruce Springsteen
Officially released on Tracks (1998); prior bootleg versions exist

220px-Neil_Young_Rust_Never_Sleeps8. “Pocahontas” – Neil Young
Released on Rust Never Sleeps (1979)

220px-Rhiannon459. “Rhiannon” – Fleetwood Mac
Released on Fleetwood Mac (1975)

220px-Maggiereason10. “Maggie May” – Rod Stewart
Released as B-side to “Reason To Believe” (1971)

DuranDuran_Rio_12inch11. “Rio” – Duran Duran
Released on Rio (1982)

200px-TheSweaterSong12. “Susanne” – Weezer
Originally released as B-side to “Undone” (1994) and later remastered for the Mallrats soundtrack (1995)

220px-Old_97s-Too_Far_To_Care13. “Salome” – Old 97’s
Released on Too Far To Care (1997)

220px-CostelloAlison14. “Alison” – Elvis Costello
Released on My Aim Is True (1977)

Allman_Bros_Melissa15. “Melissa” – The Allman Brothers Band
Released on Eat a Peach (1972)

Hi-Fi Fifteen is a callback to the “5 in 5” playlist game that MMDG, holybee, and djlazybear used to play on their lunchbreak. They’re all in different professions now, and don’t even live in the same counties, but quickly throwing together playlists on rotating themes is still fun as hell.