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Hi-Fi Fifteen: Little Black Book

I’ve been keeping a little black book. It’s filled with ladies’ names, and contact information. The phone numbers – wherever I’ve invented them – are superfluous, but the band or artist responsible, sometimes even the release year, are often indispensable.

dianaFor better or worse, rock and roll has permanently distorted perceptions of a good many women in my life. I’d say one in eight. I used to work with a Diana who was undeniably Dirty. I couldn’t say Caroline’s name without hearing those three trumpet notes in my head. My college chemistry TA, Bonita Somethingorother… I don’t think I ever knew her real last name. I know what I called her. And I know that I muttered “gotta put me on” under my breath while watching the centrifuge buzz around.

Our favorite songs invariably become a part of our lives. When those songs immortalize individuals – whether real or fictional – those people take up residence in our psyche as well. For this month’s Hi-Fi Fifteen, the three of us contributed songs titled after women we’ve never met in real life, but feel an unforgettable connection to regardless.

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