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Movie Mondays #13: The Ring

As part of our Ultimate Playbill project, each week a faculty member will take the time to extol the virtues of one of the beloved films on this list. This week, I tackle lebronald’s #2 pick,┬áThe Ring (2002, Verbinski)

This past summer, while JDG was home from school for a few weeks, I took advantage of a rare opportunity to have┬ádinner with both of my kids. The conversation turned to the Ultimate Playbill project. LDG, through her five picks for the list, has demonstrated a clear love of the horror genre. She went on to explain that if her uncle had not drafted The Ring, she likely would have. “I love that movie. One of my first scary movie experiences.” At this point, JDG, who is already a man of few words, even more so when there’s pizza in front of him, put down his slice and glanced up at the rest of us.

“That movie ruined me.” Continue reading Movie Mondays #13: The Ring