All New All Different Marvel – Week 14

Happy New Year, Marvel fans! The first new comics Wednesday of 2016 brought a bevy of All New All Different books to the shelf, including three series premieres.

Among the new titles is a return of G. Willow Wilson’s A-Force, and Singularity, who may be one of the only characters in the new universe to have any memory of the Secret Wars Battleworld reality. Also, the back-up bonus feature in premiere of Joe Kelly’s new ongoing Spider-Man/Deadpool series is the first issue of the new Vision comic in its entirety. If there’s anyone who hasn’t picked up one of the the best books, not just of the ANAD relaunch, but of the year, then it’s conveniently waiting for you there in the back of your snarky red-costumed buddy cop caper.

All New All Different Premieres
A-Force #1
Spider-Man/Deadpool #1
Uncanny X-Men #1

Continuing and related titles
Amazing Spider-Man #1.2
Contest of Champions #4
Deadpool #5
Doctor Strange #4
Guardians of Infinity #2
Invincible Iron Man #5
Spider-Gwen #4
Totally Awesome Hulk #2
Ultimates #3
Vision #3
Weirdworld #2

Invincible Iron Man #5

I started off fairly disappointed with this series. Stark’s inner monologue in the opening scene of the first issue felt cliche and was sufficiently angst-ridden that I wanted to stop reading. Luckily for me, my torrent hadn’t finished downloading.* The rest of that book was great. Funny, with a little cheese and ton of great action. It does seem a little cheap to give his new armor the power of all his other armors, but then again, Thor is a god….and Hawkeye is so amazing with bows and seeing things. But I digress. It was good, the best of week one and one of the better books of the ANAD Marvel. – SS

*SS doesn’t really steal comics. In fact, he’s not only buying all the first issues, he’s buying all the hip-hop variants of the first issues. I have photographic proof.

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