Ranking Marvel Legacy: 53 – 41


Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish
beginning with #287

It’s impressive that Duggan’s Deadpool reign has been going this long but that’s about the only positive thing I can say about this. I don’t need to see him anymore. – MeanOldPig

There are a few charming pieces of artwork here and there, but everything else about Despicable Deadpool is pretty subpar. – IP

Collection: Despicable Deadpool Vol. 1: Deadpool Kills Cable (March)


Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider

Peter David and Will Sliney
beginning with #10

Everything bad about a comic in one package: mediocre layouts and even less impressive line art; one-note characters I can’t imagine anyone caring about; in media res opening to a convoluted storyline with no attempt at catching up the reader; and a lousy script by Peter David (still lazy after allll these years). – MMDG

Collection: Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Volume 3: Slingers Return (May)



Sina Grace and Robert Gill
beginning with #6

Wait is this Iceman book a secret old Champions book because that’s pretty cool. Didn’t really like the art at all but I liked the story. The idea of a SFX department fixing up a Sentinel so they can get funding is very true to L.A. Didn’t really set up a good hook for next issue though so don’t know how big of a draw it is. May or may not read more. – MeanOldPig

Surprised that I didn’t hate this. The first issue of this series was so bad that I hadn’t read another issue since, but this wasn’t terrible. I like the idea of a Champions reunion, but everything else still feels like a slice-o-life book trying to fit into spandex. – MMDG

Collection: Iceman Volume 2: Absolute Zero (May)


Monsters Unleashed

Cullen Bunn and Andrea Broccardo
beginning with #7

Giant monsters fighting is one of the most comfort food genres known to me. This was straight up boring and full of really bad exposition. I literally couldn’t wait for a book about giant monsters to be over, and that was a first for me. I like Kid Kaiju in theory but damn I wish this was better executed. – MeanOldPig

This is dull. What started as a fun way to reintroduce Golden Age monsters into the MU devolved into a trite story with mediocre art and uninspired creations. – MMDG

Collection: Monsters Unleashed Volume 2: Learning Curve (June)



Robbie Thompson and Chris Bachalo
beginning with #23

Chris Bachalo, Mockingbird, a walking mad scientist bovine named Hellcow, and classic “Parker luck” Peter! What’s not to like? Um, Deadpool. And he’s literally half the book. His shtick wears on your nerves after just a few pages, and not even more Bobbi Morse can encourage me to keep reading. –  MMDG

Collection: Spider-Man/Deadpool Volume 5: Arms Race (April)



Gabby Rivers, Joe Quinones, and Annie Wu
beginning with #8

I really wish this was better. Readable, even. I love the fact that a brown lesbian superhero is named America, and she punches holes into other dimensions. I even dig this whole Utopian Parallel concept. But I’ve tried reading this book twice now, and it’s just lousy. – MMDG

Collection: America Volume 2: Fast and Fuertona (April)



Mike Costa and Mark Bagley
beginning with #155

This recent symbiote craze really isn’t my jam. While nothing leaps out about this issue as being overtly bad, it doesn’t really hit on anything that makes me connect to the material either. Costa and Bagley do a fine job but it’s not enough to get over my symbiote bias. – MeanOldPig

This isn’t bad or anything, but it isn’t great either. There were some pages that were fun, but none of these characters really interest me, and the writing isn’t good enough to keep me interested. Still, it’s a decent book. – IP

Collection: Venom Volume 3: Lethal Protector – Blood in the Water


Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

Jody Houser & Nick Roche
beginning with #13

This feels like an all-ages book and while it’s cool that it exists, I don’t think this one is for me at all. It has its moments but it’s definitely lost in the already pretty good Spider-Man world of this relaunch. – MeanOldPig

Collection: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Volume 3: Eight Years Later (June)



Christopher Hastings and Irene Strychalski
beginning with #21

Had more laughs with this than I did Deadpool books but it wears out its welcome fast. Art is good but I don’t foresee any reason for me to continue reading the title. – MeanOldPig

Still amusing, but definitely has run its course. A lot seems to have happened between #7 and #21, but I’m still not interested in reading further. Sorry, cute psycho girl. – MMDG

Collection: Gwenpool, The Unbelievable Volume 5: Lost in the Plot (April)



Ed Brisson & Jon Malin
beginning with #150

I never WANT to read a Cable book, but then I’m surprisingly pleased with myself after I do. For all the 90’s nonsense that went into his character, he’s actually a pretty cool concept, and Brisson really has a handle on his Badass Captain America personality. Having said that, the art in the book is Liefeldian and awful. – MMDG

Not going to lie, I didn’t hate this. It definitely started stronger than it ended. Longshot’s morgue joke actually made me laugh. I like the team but the moment they came into action against Selene, I got bored pretty fast. I don’t think this can sustain itself for that long but I do like the humor and the characters. If I heard this turned out good, I would jump back. – MeanOldPig

Collection: Cable Volume 2: The Newer Mutants (April)


Iron Fist

Ed Brisson & Mike Perkins
beginning with #73

I laughed out loud when I realized Danny and Sabretooth were crapping themselves because of the damn Constrictor. Anyways, issue was okay. I don’t think the Mike Perkins art really complements this story at all. To me Iron Fist is all about frenetic energy and I don’t see the art conveying that at all. I may read another issue but sadly did not connect with me. – MeanOldPig

I don’t love this take on my favorite superhero; not enough kung fu. The art is fine, but not at the level I want from a book like this. Still waiting for someone to really grab the reigns of this hero and do something great. This incarnation isn’t it. – IP

Collection: Iron Fist Volume 2: Sabretooth – Round 2 (April)


Weapon X

Greg Pak & Yildiray Cinar
beginning with #12

I’ve never really liked the X-Force concept that much. The Remender stuff is amazing but nothing else has ever reached that high for me. This was okay, just more of what I expected. A bunch of mutants stabbing other people who hate mutants. It’s been done a billion times. Wasn’t bad but nothing really stuck out for me. Going to pass on the next issue. – MeanOldPig

Collection: Weapon X Volume 3: Modern Warfare (July)


Luke Cage

David F. Walker & Guillermo Sanna
beginning with #166

David Walker’s scripts don’t really do it for me, and while I appreciate the Darwyn Cooke-ian aesthetic to Sanna’s art, that isn’t quite there yet either. I gave this title one chance during the NOW! launch, and I’ve given it one try here. Moving on. – MMDG

I liked David Walker’s Power Man and Iron Fist series from NOW! and this is more of that. It’s a good mix of humor, action, and weirdo C-listers from the Marvel Universe. I don’t think these books are breaking any new ground but I sure do find them fun. Sanna’s art is fun too. I will probably read more of the book. – MeanOldPig

Collection: Luke Cage Volume 2: Caged! (May)


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