Ranking Marvel Legacy: 40 – 31

Generation X

Christina Strain & Amilcar Pinna
beginning with #85

I’m not sure why I have such a soft spot for this series. Could be the contrarian in me reacting to all the hate; I actually like Pinna’s off-kilter art style. It’s refreshing to see something produced with effort, no matter how odd, when so many of these other Legacy titles have been trotted out with boring, lazy art. Maybe I want this to recapture some of the magic from Jason Aaron’s Wolverine & The X-Men series. But maybe it’s just time to give up. This book is doomed. – MMDG

Collection: Generation X Vol. 2: Survival of the Fittest (April)



Al Ewing & Paco Diaz
beginning with #11

I’m split on this. I really liked all the Sam stuff in his Archie prison world. I even liked the Celestial space robbers gang but there is always something missing from these books for me. I’m never sure why; Bobby and Sam are my two favorite mutants and their friendship is so good. Maybe it’s the team or some sort of tonal balance. A lot of the humor beside the Cannonball stuff didn’t really click for me. I just don’t buy the team as a whole and don’t really feel invested. While not bad, it’s not really my thing. – MeanOldPig

Collection: U.S.Avengers Volume 2: Cannonball Run



Mariko Tamaki & Jahnoy Lindsay
beginning with #159

So disappointed in the art on this book. Tamaki deserves better. She had better; Nico Leon’s art during the Marvel NOW! launch helped make this one of my favorite books of the year. I’ll keep reading it, because I like knowing that there’s a place for Jen Walters and Patsy Walker, but this is just another example of Marvel tightening the purse strings and employing artists who aren’t ready for prime time. – MMDG

Collection: She-Hulk Volume 3: Jen Walters Must Die (April)


X-Men: Gold

Marc Guggenheim & Mike Mayhew
beginning with #13

Jesus, I do not like this art all. It’s so stiff and emotionless which is shame because I like the core story idea about how nostalgia is seeping into too much of popular culture. In execution this could be a cool story about the dangers of that and the importance of original content but I don’t know if they will reach that level. I don’t want to read the next issue of this solely because of the art. – MeanOldPig

I was excited to hear Mike Mayhew was doing this book, but I was surprised at how lifeless his art actually looks in story. Still, the Mojoworld crossover with the other X-team is fun, if not a little heavy-handed on the Legacy tip. – MMDG

Collection: X-Men: Gold Volume 3: Mojo Worldwide


Secret Warriors

Matthew Rosenberg & Javier Garron
beginning with #8

I like all the interactions with the team but I didn’t really feel invested in the story at all. Getting really burned out on these X-Men/Inhumans clashes. Feels kinda tired at this point. The art felt strange to me as well, like a stiffer Nick Bradshaw. I don’t think I am going to read more of this. –  MeanOldPig

Collection: Secret Warriors Volume 2: If Trouble Must Come (March)


Invincible Iron Man

Brian Michael Bendis & Stefano Caselli
beginning with #593

This feels pretty rushed to me. Bendis’s departure to DC makes his Iron Man endgame seem like it had to get pushed up a year. This really doesn’t feel earned yet. Not bad, but I hope they split the titles back up and give more time to Riri and Doom. – MeanOldPig

Might be my least favorite Bendis book (although, if he shoehorns Deadpool into Defenders, that could change). I like how all the pieces of Ironheart, Infamous Doom, and International IM are coming together here, but it still feels too sterile, if you will. Not even that interested in who the naked dude is. – MMDG

Collection: Invincible Iron Man: The Search for Tony Stark (July)


Incredible Hulk

Greg Pak & Greg Land
beginning with #709

Not too much subtlety here. It’s a Hulk book, plain and simple. I’m a little grateful, actually, that Marvel didn’t use this Legacy initiative to replace Cho-Hulk. I’m also grateful to see Greg Land’s evolved style: more energy and dynamism. Surprised to say, I’ll read some more. – MMDG

A fine Hulk book! I like Cho as a Hulk and the whole locked-in-the-trunk sequences are fun. It’s good punching fun but nothing beneath some surface level stuff. I’d read more but I want to know the story is going in a new direction. The Land art is the thing holding me back from further enjoyment as well. – MeanOldPig

Collection: Hulk: Return to Planet Hulk (May)


Astonishing X-Men

Charles Soule & Phil Noto
beginning with #7

Act I of this book (issues #1-6) was good, but I’m wondering how compelling this mysterious X/Xavier story is going to be. We’re led to believe that Soule has an epic in the works, but this is starting to feel a little hazy. In any case, still one of the best X-books on the stands, and the team is stellar. – MMDG

Collection: Astonishing X-Men Volume 2 (August)



Matthew Rosenberg & Guiu Vilanova
beginning with #218

This was okay. I’ve had my ups and downs with the Punisher and I feel neutral on this go. I think Rosenberg has a good take on Frank’s voice but I don’t usually like the stories where The Punisher gets all fancy super tech. I do not like how they are making him look like Jon Bernthal because the Netflix show just came out. The essay in the end made me want to check out next issue, so I will. – MeanOldPig

Collection: Punisher: War Machine Volume 1 (June)


Jessica Jones

Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos
beginning with #13

Maybe it’s a factor of when I read this, but I was feeling a little burned out on the whole Bendis dialogue collage. Still, this has been a good book, and I like the premise of Purple Man’s escape being a fallout from the Hydra-Cap biz. I also have to think this would make for a good jumping-on point for readers who have seen the television series, but maybe never read the comics. – MMDG

Those first few double page spreads were rough. I fully understand Bendis was trying to show the horror of Purple Man but it felt really unnecessary to me. That said this wasn’t bad but I’m not clamoring for more Bendis Jessica Jones stories. The ending is a nice little twist and fun progression to Purple Man and Jessica’s relationship but I’m not sure if I want to keep reading. – MeanOldPig

Collection: Jessica Jones Volume 3: Return of the Purple Man (May)


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