Ranking Marvel’s Fresh Start: 30 – 21


Sina Grace & Nate Stockman

Still bad. I’ve given this book three tries now, on three different reboots, and I just don’t see Sina Grace graduating from boring, puerile superhero fare. Seems like his style would be better suited to a CW adolescent dramedy. Someone should tell him that. He’d probably become rich. And then I wouldn’t have to read his shitty comics any longer. – MMDG

Iceman is a nice, simple, old-school superhero. A man made of ice who can shoot ice and rides an ice wave. He should be a regular part of the super-teams arsenal whenever they meet a fire demon or firestarter or any villains from the tropics. He should be the best at those confrontations. I like simple powers with clear strengths and weaknesses. This book is boring and I don’t care about Bishop (time travel sucks). – lebronald

Not sure why this book keeps surviving. The art is really an eyesore and the story doesn’t really have any narrative flow. It just shifts from one scene to the next without any real flow or consequences. Getting really tired of reviewing this book. – MeanOldPig



Skottie Young, Scott Hepburn, & Nic Klein

I’d like to see Deadpool tone down his fourth wall-breaking shtick a little bit and emphasize his weapons skills in a meaningful way. Maybe tie him into a real overarching scheme that makes him matter in the universe. Doesn’t look like that’s happening with this run so I’ll probably avoid further issues. That back and forth with the kid on her phone was terrible. – lebronald

Art notwithstanding, there is only so much meta-humor and dick references that I can handle. I will say that the “Deadpoolization” of the Celestials bodes well for what I hope to be a full-on Eternals push in the coming months. But.. this gurgleballzer or whatever the hell it is seems like another slow-motion eyeroll. Doubt I’ll read another issue. – MMDG



Matthew Rosenberg & Szymon Kudranski

Disappointing. I usually like Rosenberg’s work, but this was boring, and the art is atrocious design-school shit. – MMDG

Sigh, I don’t think you can make the Punisher that interesting anymore. The story is fine but, again, it’s the same thing you’ve seen a bunch of times. Frank delves into the Marvel U, kills someone bigger than him, and now has both heroes and villains hunting him. While I do think Hydra and Zemo have potential as adversaries, it doesn’t do much to make me want to read more. – MeanOldPig


The Unstoppable Wasp

Jeremy Whitley & Gurihiru

If my daughter was still nine, I’d probably give this to her. And I wish the series luck, packaged in digest size and marketed alongside manga trades. Other than that, I’m not going to bother with another issue. – MMDG

Don’t think I’m the target audience. – lebronald


Black Panther vs. Deadpool

Daniel Kibblesmith & Ricardo López Ortiz

Went in with extremely low expectations, but ended up chuckling audibly on almost every page. I’m actually going to read this series through. And the art is refreshingly weird and kinetic. Thanks, Marvel, for hiring an actual comedy writer (Brian Posehn doesn’t count) to write a funny book. – MMDG

Tale of two cities with the art. At first it was the best of times and then Deadpool showed up looking like a deflated red-skinned potato with synthol in one of his arms. The surgical gun is pretty cool and the misunderstandings are believable at least. Not bad. – lebronald


Life of Captain Marvel

Margaret Stohl & Carlos Pacheco

Captain Marvel and Manchester by the Sea? It’s at least an interesting, concept, I’ll give them that. I’m not well learned on Marvel’s whole Cosmic U, and I think the selection of a female hero to lead the next phase of Marvel movies is a politically and commercially driven move, but I’m still willing to give this book a chance. Not having a history with characters/books makes it way easier to accept alterations to their story, and I have to admit, Stohl got me sympathetic towards Carol Danvers. Pacheco’s clean art is definitely a highlight of this book, but I don’ t think there’s a lot of room for high praise until I read how this revision plays out. – tyrannofloresrex

I started cackling when there was a basketball scene. That’s a cliche I will always endorse. That said, the story is just fine; I guess this is all a retcon and that’s not a problem but it’s not really adding much to Carol’s character. That flashback art sure is nice to look at though. Present art is good too. – MeanOldPig


Superior Octopus

Christos Gage & Mike Hawthorne

There seem to be a lot of spider-men thwipping around these days. We need some kind of -geddon. I’m always down for a villain reclamation project though. I’ll keep reading until they get to the battle on Mission Street where prissy Otto steps in some human poo. – lebronald

I actually like Otto’s run in Peter’s body during Slott’s time so I was looking forward to this; however it really doesn’t deliver for me. Perhaps the charm was seeing Otto in Peter’s body and now that he has his own, I’m not really feeling any stakes. Had a few chuckles during the book but didn’t really feel a need to read on. Oh and the Spider-Verse crap at the end lost me completely. I’ll just stick to the main series if I want to read Spidey stories. – MeanOldPig


Marvel Zombie

W. Maxwell Prince & Stefano Raffaele

The Marvel Zombies universe lives on! Even in this era of undead overload, the story of the Marvel U taken over by a zombie plague has been one of my guilty pleasures. And incorporating the silver age “Zombie” character is a great touch. Love the art in this one-shot, and if Marvel wanted to give these guys an opportunity to continue the original Zombie’s story in another series, I’d check it out. – MMDG


Asgardians of the Galaxy

Cullen Bunn & Matteo Lolli

I really wanted to like this… the same way I wanted to like Bunn’s Fearless Defenders… but… it’s dull. He’s wasting an opportunity to do something truly entertaining with these Asgardian/cosmic characters. (I’m especially annoyed that he’s still pushing this Valkyrie/Annabelle-Captain Marvel/Rick Jones bullshit…) I’ll read a few more issues, but I don’t think this book is long for the stands. – MMDG

This series might get a slight boost from the Norse love, especially the armless face-blasting robot. But especially not for the space ships made of fingernails. Nothing else really drew me in because I never heard of anyone else. – lebronald


Thanos Legacy

Donny Cates & various

A surprisingly “DC-style” comic that works to tie together various plot threads from different books, unifying the continuity issues around Cates’s prior Thanos series, the Infinity Wars event, and even recent issues of Thor. DC-style, except for the scene of Cosmic Ghost Rider pissing hellfire onto the decapitated body of the Mad Titan. That’s just Marvelous. Looking forward to Cates’s Guardians in January. – MMDG


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