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Ultimate Mixtape: 100 – 81

A significant slice of the decade’s chart-toppers and pop music mainstays populates mix number three. R. Kelly opens for Kanye who opens for Katy Perry opening for Britney Spears. And before the end of this 20-song installment, L.A.’s Chromatics, behind the mesmerizing vocals of Ruth Radelet, provide their encore performance on The Ultimate Mixtape.

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Ultimate Mixtape: 150 – 126

Rather than act as responsible DJs, tracklisting these 150 songs in an intelligible, well-conceived playlist, we’re letting the rankings dictate. Like an MTV Video Countdown or American Top 40, our favorite songs of the Idle Time era are being presented in inverse order, counting down to our number one.

We pride ourselves on the genre variety that we bring to a project like this, and it doesn’t surprise us when, as in most cases, the more uniquely personal favorites tend to filter down to the bottom of the list. The result, this first twenty-five-track mix, is probably the most schizophrenic of the lot, bouncing back and forth from one outlier to another. Richard David James, as The Tuss and Aphex Twin, makes two appearances in this first jam.

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PBC #3: Yeezy Taught Me

Playlist By Committee is a subdivision of the Institute of Idle Time dedicated to the preservation of the mixtape format. Each month, four governing members and one guest contributor choose a theme and each pick five songs that best correspond to that theme. The songs are then reviewed and ranked by the committee, with the the top songs being added until an 80 minute blank CD is filled. The list is then published via Mixcloud for the listening pleasure of all who seek it. This is our 3rd playlist.

Whether you love him or hate him, Kanye West is one of the most influential figures in music today. In the last fifteen years, he’s released seven solo-albums, all received with acclaim. In addition to his own catalog, Kanye has had his hands all over the music landscape, producing songs for other big artists, contributing verses alongside the likes of BeyoncĂ©, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross, as well as producing for his own independent label (music he later releases for free). Continue reading PBC #3: Yeezy Taught Me