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The Best of DC Rebirth #1: Trinity

The triangle is a mystical shape. It lies between the circle, representing woman, and the square, representing man. It is the shape of mages, wizards, and cults. It can be found hiding in the periphery of U.S. dollars, where it surrounds the Eye of the Beholder, containing its scopeless view. For ages man has used the triangle to advance science, from the theorem of Pythagoras to the inventions of Hipparchus, whose Trigonometry persists today as an essential mathematical study, triangles are a shape consistently at the forefront of discovery.

The triangle is also the strongest geometric shape. Stacked together, it forms diamonds. It is the shape of suspension bridges; the shape of towers, pyramids, and ziggurats. The triangle is also holy, it represents a coalition of benevolence, the father, the son, and the holy ghost.

A trinity though, is a triangle composed of people.

DC recognizes the timeless power of this shape, and wisely recognizes the timelessness of their three most prominent heroes. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are comics, their iconography synonymous with the artform, but they are more than symbols.
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Marvel NOW! – Week 3

Iron Man is dead. Long live Iron Man.

I’m guessing that the intended surprise reveal in Infamous Iron Man #1 was going to be that Tony Stark had transferred his “essence” into a computer program, right? Civil War II was supposed to have concluded by now and, with it, we were to discover the fate of Iron Man. Instead, we’re still piecing together the aftermath, but rather than riddling our way through various clues (like Von Doom holding the Iron Man mask in that promo poster), we get a flat-out spoiler straight from the Latverian’s mouth.

Okay, so… he IS dead?

This isn’t a complete surprise, of course, as we’d seen the solicits for this book months ago, and already knew that RiRi would also be donning armor as Ironheart. Tony Stark? No trace. But these Marvel scheduling missteps do have a way of detracting from the intended experience. Brian Michael Bendis has teamed up with his Daredevil partner-in-crime, Alex Maleev, to bring us a fresh take on the replacement-superhero storyline. But instead of Bucky Barnes picking up the shield for Steve Rogers, or Dick Grayson donning the cowl for Bruce Wayne, this is Doctor freaking Doom picking up Tony Stark’s mantle to do “what needs to be done.” And somewhere along the way, I suspect we’ll gain valuable insight into Doom’s motivations, explore his relationship with his mother, and finally learn how he fixed his face in the post-Secret Wars era. Sounds like a great series! I just wish I wasn’t so distracted by the casual Civil War II reveal.

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New Comics: Frostbite

Don’t everybody give up on Vertigo just yet. While we’re all pretty excited about Doom Patrol and the launch of DC’s Young Animal line, DC hasn’t given away all the space on the creator-owned shelf to Image and Dark Horse just yet. Joshua Williamson, who is also currently writing DC’s rebirthed Flash , and veteran artist Jason Shawn Alexander debut Frostbite this week, and it’s a promising book for a once-great imprint sorely in need of a hit.

The series takes place in the post-apocalyptic throes of the New Ice Age, when folks are dealing not only with a scarcity of heat sources, but also a deadly new contagion. “Frostbite” isn’t just something that turns your toes black. Thanks to you meddling scientists, the precious few humans left on earth need to worry about catching a disease that freezes the body from the inside out. And the one woman who may have a cure is being hunted by the aptly named Fuego. Enter Keaton and her crew, hired to transport Victoria Bonham from Mexico City to a secret installation on Alcatraz.

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DC: Rebirth – Week 18

Wow. I didn’t think this book was coming. Not that I wasn’t expecting a Trinity #1, but a DC superhero book that connects on a human level was a welcome surprise. These characters in capes and armor are manifestations of our fantasies, symbolic of the struggle between good and evil. But when written with care, they become as stirring a curiosity as the real people we encounter. Yes, I do like seeing Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman fight monsters and villains, but what an awesome feeling it is to feel like these characters have real humanity behind them. If universes collapsed, and people that were thought dead turned up alive, I’d expect someone to have some sort of existential crisis, but instead there’s been a lot of business as usual. To see DC’s big three sit down at a dinner table, to watch Bruce speak one way in front of everyone, yet wax sentimental in a moment with Clark, or seeing Wonder Woman confide in Lois because her sisters in Themyscira are lost to her –those are the kind of nuances that take these superhero books out of childish distractions and into the realm of thoughtful entertainment.

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