Stan Lee Tribute Night

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we hope you’ll be able to join us on Tuesday, December 18th for a special Stan Lee Tribute and Trivia Night. Idle Time will be hosting another evening of funnybook quiz questions (many of which are barely comic book-adjacent; don’t be intimidated) at Mission: Comics and Art in the City.

Entry is free, and there will be lots of prizes, including store gift certificates, Stan Lee memorial comics, and surprises from our friends at Super7!

Grab some pals, a mustache & aviator shades, a six-pack of whatever we’re drinking, and let’s hang out.

The comic biz churns along every Wednesday, just as it has for as long as I can remember. But I must confess that for the past few weeks, despite the bevy of new books in my saver stack, I’ve been doing little more than revisiting Stan’s life and legacy. I’ve re-read lots of old Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. I pulled my Parable hardcover off the shelf. And I’ve read innumerable interviews and reflections on the man who helped shape popular culture for generations. Our trivia nights have thirty questions, typically… but this Stan-themed evening could easily go overboard (it won’t; I’ll rein it in).

Speaking of the trivia, take a look at some of our past trivia nights to check out the format. See? Not so hard.

visit Super7 at their new(ish) location on 16th Street in The Mission!

And go visit the comic shop! It’s almost Christmas fer crissakes. If not Mission: Comics, then whichever one is close by. And if you can’t pop into the Super7 store on 16th Street, then check out their wares online! Looks like they still have some of those sick Jack Kirby Lord of Light action figures available (that I had to go to San Diego to get my hands on!)

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