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Dine with Tyrion: Herb-Roasted Chicken

Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we. When Tyrion is journeying back down from the Wall, he runs into Catelyn at an inn at the Crossroads, while she is secretly traveling back to Winterfell from King’s Landing.

Lannister glanced at the nearest tables. “My men will have whatever you’re serving these people. Double portions, we’ve had a long hard ride. I’ll take roast fowl – chicken, duck, pigeon, it makes no matter. And send a flagon of your best wine…”
This week Tyrion recommends a roasted chicken. Pair with a flagon of your favorite Chianti.

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Dine with Tyrion: Garlic & Butter Crab

A new episode is upon us. Although we aren’t sure who will die tonight (no one from team Limb-itless, that’s for sure), we can be sure Tyrion will have drink in hand. “That’s what I do. I drink and know things.”

Brought to you by Tyrion himself, or at least what I think he would say, is a new segment: Dine with Tyrion. Each week he will bring you a new culinary pairing from his adventures. This week his recommendation comes from his visit to the wall.

Mormont picked up a crab claw and cracked it in his fist. Old as he was, the Lord Commander still had the strength of a bear. “You’re a cunning man, Tyrion. We have need of men of your sort on the Wall.”
Tyrion grinned. “Then I shall scour the Seven Kingdoms for dwarfs and ship them to you, Lord Mormont.” As they laughed, he sucked the meat from a crab leg and reached for another. The crabs had arrived from Eastwatch only this morning, packed in a barrel of snow, and they were succulent.

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Oscar-worthy Snacks: Part 2

Well, there you have it folks. It finally happened for Leo. As you celebrate his win, we have a few more snack options for you.

5. Furiosa GuacamoleDSC00670


  • 4 avocados, halved & pitted.  Leave in skin. Reserve one pit.
  • 1 lime
  • 1 medium sweet yellow or red onion, diced
  • 2 tomatoes, seeded & diced
  • 2 serrano or jalapeño chiles (red or green,) seeded and minced
  • 1 large clove garlic, crushed or minced

Spices are to taste. A good starting point is 1/4 tsp.

  • Salt (Consider going easy on this, as chips are usually already salty enough.)
  • Ground black pepper
  • Ground cumin
  • Ground cayenne
  • Epazote flakes (1/2 tsp is a good place to start.)

It’s fun to mix up the spiciness and colorfulness of this recipe by using different combinations of the chilis, onions, and cayenne.  Serranos are on the mild side, and jalapeños more spicy.

Epazote is usually found in Latino food markets on those spice racks where everything is in a cellophane envelope.  It’s usually necessary to process it at home to get all the twigs and stems out, but IMO this “secret” ingredient is worth the effort.


  1. Drag the tines of a fork lengthwise through each avocado half to “shred” it.
  2. Scoop out the avocados with a spoon into a large bowl.  This will give a uniform consistency, and allow the guacamole to remain chunky.  When adding ingredients, try not to over-stir.
  3. Squeeze the lime onto the avocados to combine.  This not only adds flavor, it retards oxidation.
  4. Add the garlic & chiles to combine.
  5. Add most of the onion & tomato to combine.  Add more according to taste & presentation.
  6. Add spices to combine.  Add more according to taste.
  7. Add one avocado pit.
  8. May be chilled for 1 hour before serving, but this is another taste choice.

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Oscar-Worthy Snacks: Part 1

As the 2016 Oscars approach, the thoughts on everyone’s minds are
1. Is this Leo’s year?
2. What am I going to eat while watching?!?

We have no insight into Leonardo’s fate. We do, however, have a few ideas when it comes to Oscar-worthy snacks. Idle time created 8 recipes to pair with each nominated Best Picture. Pick your favorite recipe, or make them all. The choice is yours.

The Room Service Cocktail

Inspired by Room, Idle Time brings you the perfect cocktail pairing.

Room Service Cocktail


  • Bottle of Vodka- chilled
  • Lemon (optional)


  1. Shake vodka over ice.
  2. Fill glass.
  3. Garnish with a twist (optional).
  4. Drink. Repeat. Forget.

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National Tortilla Chip Day: What You Need To Know.

  1. This is real. National Tortilla Chip day is celebrated every year on February 24th.
  2. Know your tortilla chips and where they came from. Tortilla chips, today’s crunchy snack enjoyed during game day festivities as nachos, or simply as vessels to deliver salsa to your mouth, were first introduced to the U.S. in the 1900’s. They started as a simple addition to meals served in Southern California restaurants. As you can probably guess (or maybe not) these were created from leftover tortilla dough. Frito-Lay brought the world Doritos—my personal favorite being one I found in Iceland: Cool American. Yes folks, those tasty little bastards are just fancy tortilla chips.
  3. Now that you know your facts, let’s talk about what to eat them with today. Three of my personal favorites:

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The Final Salvo: Jack in the Box’s Munchie Meal

Some of the more conscientious readers out there may wonder why Subway’s five-dollar foot long isn’t on our five-dollar meal to-do list. My immediate response is that it’s just not sexy. Look at Jared. He may be healthy, but he’s also kind of creepy. Subway is for those people who don’t want to feel guilty after eating. This is not an experiment on what’s the healthiest thing to do with five bucks. If you go into a fast food place expecting every brick of the food pyramid to be appropriately represented, then you’re kind of missing the point. Also, and I know I have some friends out there who feel me on this, in Subway’s commercials, their guacamole sandwiches look like they’re suffocated in guacamole, and then when you actually get there, they give you half a tablespoon of guac. Fuck Subway. This juicy bit of bloggorhea is about finding out what these huge corporate food vendors think five bucks is worth, and how they entice us into spending that money. And it’s also an opportunity to make poop jokes.

With that in mind, this adventure in fast food gastronomy has to end on a grand note. My final stop has, what I believe to be, the most intriguing name and the clearest target market. Continue reading The Final Salvo: Jack in the Box’s Munchie Meal

Fast Food Lunch Fight, Round Four: Burger King

When I began this investigation a few short days ago, I didn’t know exactly what I was going to get out of it.  Now, I admit that this whole thing has been more fun than I expected, and so far I think every joint that thinks I’m worth five bucks plus tax has its merits.

a-suggestive-burger-king-adSo, maybe if I was more familiar with Burger King’s current ad campaign, I wouldn’t have had high expectations. If someone were to literally poop in my cornflakes, I’d suppose it’d be fair to say that this would make me feel that way.

When I walk into the Ellensburg Burger King, I ask if they have a $5 lunch, and the cashier says, “No.” Taking her word for it, I leave the restaurant and head towards the Jack in the Box, thinking that MMDG was mistaken when he put BK on my to do list. A couple of quick messages to him assures me that BK has a $5 deal.

He tells me, “They have ‘we re-invented the $5 bill’ commercials.”

I don’t think these guys understand what’s out there.

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Fast Food Frenzy Day Three: Dairy Queen

I think it’s pretty easy to see that fast food places like advertising to stoners and students. You can tell that these restaurants are doing this when in one of their commercials a group of bros appear at a gathering with a box of tacos and then the party really gets started, or when some dude suddenly transforms into a puppet. However, I can’t tell who Dairy Queen’s target market is. Commercials for DQ straddle a line between friendly and stupid, so they attempt to appeal to everyone, but fail to establish a strong personality. These ads are few and far between and they’re probably more frequent than actual DQ storefronts. I can’t even remember the last time I went to Dairy Queen, but more than likely it was to get ice cream, not a lunch. With so few locations and a damn near invisible brand, I’m curious as to how Dairy Queen can compete in this fight for five bucks.

SubstandardFullSizeRenderOne of the wonderfully strange things about Ellensburg is that there are two Dairy Queens. One of everything else, two Dairy Queens. This place is as cold as Narnia and now twice as magical. If anyone is wondering where their local Dairy Queen is, Ellensburg probably took it. One DQ is located next to the university. My mom tells me this one is nasty. The $5 meal she ate there came with a cold hamburger with mealy meat, a small soda and fries, and no ice cream. This does not get me jazzed. Fortunately, there is another, and I venture to the Dairy Queen on the far side of town, near the freeway. Continue reading Fast Food Frenzy Day Three: Dairy Queen

Five-Buck Lunch Day Two: KFC

To be honest, I knew how my Taco Bell experience was going to end. Though I’d say I’m a pretty healthy eater, I’m no stranger to fast food, particularly Taco Bell’s value-to-flavor ratio and the eventual digestive wringing that follows a meal. Knowing and accepting that eventuality makes it easier to enjoy the experience, but I did not approach my second outing with the same calm resignation.

I usually don’t mess with KFC.  I admit I fell into the whole “KFC doesn’t use real chickens” hoax, and even though it’s been disproved, I think the very idea of a mutated chicken that’s mass produced in a lab to supply a fast food chain is too close to plausible for me to take the risk. Test tube chicken aside, KFC just looks unhealthy. All of the food from there comes in mostly shades of brown, which speaks to its nutritional value and I think is an indicator for the “T + 3” effect. Continue reading Five-Buck Lunch Day Two: KFC

Fast Food Lunchbox Blitz Day One: Taco Bell

If the 20th century adage, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” is true, then the next best thing must be a cheap lunch. A recent fad in fast food marketing has several restaurants fighting over customers’ lunch money by trying to lure them in with a five dollar meal deal. A cousin to the dollar menu, these five dollar deals promise more for less; a hearty serving of tasty chow that leaves you with enough change to rent a Redbox, buy a lotto ticket, donate to charity, etc. MMDG brought this trend to my attention, and issued a challenge: to spend one work-week sampling the meal deals from the various institutions eager to win my wallet through my stomach. Normally, MMDG would handle this sort of business himself, but the idea of consistently eating fast food is something he can’t commit to in good conscience. “It’s a young man’s game,” he explained. Well, I’ll throw my hat into the ring on his behalf. I intend to eat one $5 lunch per day for one week in search of value, nourishment, and satisfaction. I’m skeptical as to whether I’ll find all three at one time, but I’ll take two out of three. I mean, technically whatever they serve me counts as nourishment, right?

My first stop: Taco Bell.

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