2015 Tune Tourney’s Sweet Sixteen: Canadia

Yesterday may have been Canada Day, but the Sweet 16 polling in the Canadia bracket of Idle Time’s Tune Tournament kicks off today. Where our northern neighbors were concerned, the last round featured very little drama: four matchups and four blowouts.


After barely squeaking by Death from Above 1979 in the opening round, Drake powered past Destroyer with a 75% share. That sets up “Hold On” for an interesting matchup against The Rural Alberta Advantage in the Sweet 16. The RAA, who had the highest first-round score among the Canadians in round 1 when they took down the Japandroids, took every single vote in their second-round matchup against Chromeo. It was the second shutout in the tournament thus far (Chromatics stomped The Growlers in California’s first round) and came as quite a surprise to some of the more Chromeocentric Idle Timers. [MH: “If RF had chosen ‘Come Alive,’ forget about it.”]

Keyboards ate guitars. Caribou put a hurtin’ on July Talk and Grimes embarrassed Mac DeMarco in round 2, setting the stage for a Canadian east-west showdown (is Ontario considered “east”? In these World Cup matches, whether the teams are playing in Vancouver, Ottawa, or Moncton, they all seem to be seriously unfriendly to my PST time zone).

More Sweet 16 action:
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