2015 Tune Tourney’s Sweet Sixteen: California

The Tune Tourney continues in the land that we call home. We’ve seen some pretty big upsets in California so far, with the highest seed being a 6 (Best Coast)!

After finishing off Kendrick Lamar, TV Girl is the closest thing to hip-hop in the California region (Captain Murphy, Frank Ocean, Lamar… all gone). Interestingly, this will be TV Girl’s first matchup that is not a hip hop artist. ¬†After dispatching both Captain Murphy and King Kendrick quite handily, they will face off against fellow Angelenos Best Coast.

The Y Axes are the only Bay Area band among the four.

Aaaand… let’s hear it for home court advantage. Chromatics had a big lead on “Neon Street,” but with 24 hours left in the poll, the Axes rallied their fans and brought in over 100 votes to take out the top seed. (It helps that Johnny Jewel doesn’t seem to believe in social media).

We were impressed with the upset, but we’ll be even more impressed if they knock off Classixx; because unlike Chromatics, the Classixx video has Nancy Whang on a yacht.

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