2015 Tune Tourney’s Elite Eight: Scandinavia

“Yeah, but… that Knife song is kinda long.” – an anonymous voter explaining her vote for Jens Lekman.

“The Moonbabies can’t be stopped.” – MH predicting a blowout over Little Dragon (and maybe much more).

One Scandinavian matchup to go. One song to represent the hopes and dreams of an entire region. One tune to rule them all.

When I picked my 16 favorite Swedish/Norwegian/Danish songs of recent vintage for this tournament, not fully knowing what the eventual winner would be up against, I imagined that any one of them could carry that Mjolnir-shaped torch into the Final Four and compete proudly for the title. But I also ranked them from one to sixteen based on the ol’ tried and true What Would You Rather Listen To? Idle Time roulette prompt. But that was a few weeks ago. Looking at this last matchup now, and I’m not entirely sure which way I’m going to vote.

The heartstring folkpop of Lekman’s “I Know What Love Isn’t” that bested the region’s top seed with a narrow 53% score? Or the spacey dreampop of the Moonbabies’ “Pink Heart Mother,” that silenced Little Dragon with an impressive 71%?

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