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Hi-Fi Fifteen: Geography

What makes a person feel a strong connection to a strip of land? The Olympics are here, and I’m doing my best to root for the USA. I’ve never been very patriotic and am not particularly proud of my dusty little Northern California hometown.

Still, I am constantly moved by artists paying tribute to their beloved geography. For this month’s Hi-Fi Fifteen, the three of us contributed songs titled and about the love of neighborhood, state, and country. We follow the moon, moving west to east from our Pacific coastline to the valley of the Himalayas.

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Ultimate Mixtape: 125 – 101

The second mix in the series is a geographic tour de force, opening in symphonic Castles and ending up on the fuzzy Beach. Tour the Mediterranean with stops in Mykonos and Italy, and be charmed by Swedish pop, Australian rock, and a Swedish troubadour by way of Australia. And somewhere in the middle is a four-piece from Jersey who, prior to their debut LP and the unavoidable Bon Jovi and Springsteen comparisons, likely hadn’t set foot farther than the north Atlantic seaboard.

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2015 Tune Tourney’s Sweet Sixteen: Scandinavia

The Sweet Sixteen round of Idle Time’s 2015 Tune Tournament opens in Scandinavia. Not surprisingly, all four songs vying for regional supremacy hail from the same Nordic epicenter of pop perfection. Yes, it helped that two-thirds of the bracket was Swedish. And there might have been a slight bias in the seeding.

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2015 TUNE TOURNEY: Scandinavia Round 2

The first games in the second round tip-off today. First up, regional top seed The Knife, fresh off an impressive 83% victory over Darkness Falls, takes on Tomas Barfod. Barfod’s Nina K-assisted track “Busy Baby” muscled out a close 58% win over Say Lou Lou’s “Julian.”

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2015 TUNE TOURNEY: Scandinavia Round 1 Match-Ups!

The first round of matchups in our Tune Tournament is going live. Below, vote on four of the eight matchups in the Scandinavia region. MH’s very first response, after we did the seeding last week, was: “OH NO! Todd Terje versus Jens Lekman?!” Yeah man. Someone’s going home early.

The SCA region favorite “Full of Fire” from The Knife’s 2013 LP Shaking the Habitual takes on a newer release, “Night Games”, by Danish duo Darkness Falls.

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