2015 TUNE TOURNEY: More California Round 1 Match-Ups!

We’re just a few days away from tallying the results and introducing the 32 tunes advancing to the next round. But first, a few more National Anthems and the last games can get started:

We’re looking at the bottom half of the California bracket, starting with Katy Perry [RF: “Katy Perry totally deserves a spot on this list… and “Roar” will be her single.”] She mixes it up with the Local Natives and “Mt. Washington” off of the Hummingbird LP.

It’s hard to be more California than Best Coast. Just like it was hard to choose between “The Only Place” and new single “California Nights” for their tournament entry. We went with the 2015 gem. It faces competition from Bay Area band Cathedrals, and their sultry “Harlem” single.

TV Girl had one of our favorite albums of last year (RF: “Dude’s a chode tho”), and “Birds Don’t Sing” was the first single of that French Exit LP. They take the floor against Flying Lotus in his Captain Murphy persona: “Between Friends.”

And, last but not least… the 63rd and 64th combatants in the inaugural Idle Time Tune Tournament. A not-so-classic SoCal-NorCal partido pitting Kendrick Lamar’s “Rigamortis” against Geographer’s “Lover’s Game.”

Scandinavia Round 1A | Round 1B
Oceania Round 1A | Round 1B
Canadia Round 1A | Round 1B
California Round 1A | Round 1B